Monday, May 20, 2013

Hottest Articles on the Job Search

Welcome Readers to the RightChanges Job Search blog. The goal and purpose for this blog is to help job seekers whether unemployed, misemployed, underemployed, overemployed, recent grads, or those returning to the job market, anywhere in the world, to know what you need to know to be successful in the job search.

I’m starting this year’s selection by recapping some of the most read articles. The link and a brief description to each follow.

I’m also going to publish articles on new content. The topics I have queued up are:

LinkedIn Basics
A Resume Checklist
An In-person Interview Checklist

I would also like to hear from you about topics you would like me to cover regarding the job search. Submit a comment to this article with your ideas.

Thank you for your readership and pass the word about this blog to other job seekers.

Keep Your Skills Up (or Learn New Ones) FREE And Here’s How
One of the concerns of hiring managers when hiring a person with a recent gap in their employment history, especially when the gap is longer than a few months, is that the candidate may have let their skills atrophy or that they may not have the latest skills.

You can eliminate that concern by keeping your skills honed and acquiring new ones. It does not have to cost you a lot and, in most cases, it will not cost you anything. Just follow these very simple steps.

Are You Committing Any of the Deadly Sins of the Job Search?
Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced worker, whether you are unemployed, misemployed, or underemployed, you have to ask yourself: Have I committed any of the five deadly sins of the job search?

Watch the free 5 part YouTube video series by successful job search coach, blogger, author, and speaker Judi Adams of RightChanges to see if you are hurting your own job search.

Go to and search FoundaJobYet.

The Document that is as important as a Resume

All job seekers know the importance of having a resume and many job seekers learn how to create a great resume. There are not many job seekers, though, who know there is a piece of marketing material that is as important and valuable as a great resume: a one-page networking guide.

The networking guide in the past has been called a marketing plan but the old name is misleading. The old name, marketing plan, does not reflect the most important purpose of the document: a guide for your network to use to help you network into your next job.

The Most Powerful Cover Letter

When a hiring authority comments on how good the format of your cover letter is, you know you have done something right. That is what one of my clients experienced this week and she asked that I republish the article I wrote “The Most Powerful Cover Letter” so others can benefit from it as well.

Here is that article.

The Phone Interview Checklist

The phone interview is now a typical step in the hiring process because in-person interviews are a logistical challenge and time consuming. The phone interview is used to take a pool of candidates and, through a series of questions that confirm that the information provided is accurate and that the person is professional and articulate, select the top contenders to be brought in to interview.

The following is a checklist of “to do’s” for a phone interview.
Please submit a comment with your requests for articles on the Job Search for us to cover.

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