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Checklist: Will I benefit by having a job search coach?

While working with job seekers in her practice, Judi Adams of RightChanges hears all too often from clients “I wish I had known about you when I began my job search” or “I didn’t know there were people like you [meaning job search coaches] when I started my job search”.

Ask yourself: Will I benefit by having a job search coach?

If any of the following statements are true for you, then you and your job search will benefit from meeting with a job search coach.

1) What I’m doing isn’t working.

They say the sign of insanity is doing the same thing three times and expecting a different result. If what you are doing isn’t working, at least meet with a job search coach to assess your approach and your marketing materials. A small adjustment could make a big difference.

2) Even though it has been a while since I found a job, I am confident I can do it again on my own.

The job market is very different today and if you said to yourself “I have found a job before, I can do it again” and have not taken the time to know what is different since the last time you looked for a job, then you are using an old map to get around a new city. You may get there but it will take you a lot longer.

3) I apply online and it seems to be a black hole or like throwing a ball into the fog.

Only a small percentage of jobs are posted on-line and only a small percentage of job seekers find a job that way. Yes, job seekers do find jobs that way but why would you want to stick with the low odds. Increase your chances by using a variety of approaches and going after all of the jobs, not just the few that are posted. You may wonder what those other approaches are and how to do them. That is where a good coach can help you.

4) Although money is tight, I would pay to get a job sooner.

If, by using the services of a job search coach, you land a job sooner than doing it alone, then the services just paid for themselves. The services of a job coach do not need to cost a lot.

5) I’m stuck, I’m tired, I’m losing or have lost hope.

Although no one believes looking for a job is fun, a good job coach can help you get unstuck and moving forward. Having a plan and adding structure back into your day with specific to-do’s will help you feel accomplished and get you moving forward. There is no reason to go through the job search alone. Use the services of someone who will help you overcome obstacles and keep you encouraged.

6) I’m not even sure what I want to do for a living.

If you do not know what you want to do, then how are you going to get there? You cannot go into today’s competitive job market and expect a company to figure that out for you. There are assessments that will help you figure out a good career for you and you will start to see better results in your job search.

7) I have not interviewed in the past 5 years (or ever) for a job.

If you were in a neighborhood championship for a sport (say tennis) where nothing was on the line except bragging rights, you would warm up and practice. However, too many job seekers go into the interview and “wing it” when a job is on the line. It is wise to practice the interview with someone who can provide valuable feedback on what you did well and areas to improve.

8) I do not know what STARs, PARs or CARs are with regard to the job search.

Your resume and interview answers will be missing the “meat on the bone” if you are not using accomplishment statements (or examples) using this format.

Selecting a Coach

Okay, so you know you will benefit from the help of a job coach. How do you go about finding a good one?

Sadly there are no governing bodies that insure coaches are current on the changes of the new job market. Just because they have been in the business for years does not mean their information has changed with the times. Here are a few things to check before signing up with a coach.

1) Can you meet with the coach for an initial consultation at a reduced price to be sure you will like working with them?

2) During an initial consultation, is it mostly a sales pitch? If so, they may be more interested in your money than helping you. The initial consultation should be content rich.

3) Do they have flexible options: ex. hourly as well as package options?

4) Ask to look at a sample resume. If they still use an objective at the top, “references available upon request” at the bottom, or colored paper, then that coach is not current on the job market of today.

5) When sharing information, does the coach just tell you what to do or do they take the time to explain the logic behind what they say so you are equipped should you hear other “opinions” on the same subject?

6) Do they meet with you in person or over the phone? The majority of person to person communication is non-verbal so if the only way to meet is over the phone even though the coach is in your area, then you will not be getting the best service from the coach. You will miss out on their non-verbal cues and they will be missing out on yours.

7) Do they have professional affiliations and are they active in these affiliations?

8) Do they give of their time to the local community of job seekers, i.e. do they volunteer or speak at local job networking groups?

To find out more about working with job search coaches, read October’s article on this topic by clicking here:

Would I Benefit by the Help of a Job Search Coach?

You now know you will benefit from using the services of a job search coach and you know what to do to find a good coach for you. What then would keep you from taking the next step forward and getting your job search moving?
The next move is yours.

By Judi Adams

Judi Adams is the Affordable and Successful Job Search Coach, author of an Amazon hottest new release “Found a Job Yet? And Other Questions NOT to Ask!”, and keynote speaker. Judi is also the creator of the free video series “The Five Deadly Sins of the Job Search” that can be found on using FoundaJobYet in the search field. Her blog has been read world-wide since 2009. Judi’s clients have had phenomenal success finding jobs they wanted by following the steps she outlines for them. For more information on RightChanges services and the new “advantage program for students” go to

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