Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Stop Them From Asking “Found a Job Yet?”

One of the worst things someone can ask you while you are in a job search is the dreaded “Found a job yet?” Arghhh! Although they may mean no harm by asking, that question may remind you that you haven’t found a job yet and possibly make you feel like a failure. So how can you stop them from asking, even when you suspect they are asking because they care about you?

Here is a list if things you can do to get your family, friends, spouse, or adult children from saying or doing the wrong things and instead getting them to work on your behalf.

1) Understand that unless they have been in the job market in the past few years, they have no clue what it is like. Help educate them on how it has changed.

2) Translate whatever it is they say that usually bugs you into this phrase “I care for you – how may I help?” and respond to that phrase and not to what they actually said. This might sound like this:
Them: “Found a job yet? “
You: “Thank you, I know you care and there are things you can do to help.”

3) Understand yourself how they can help.

a. Give them a copy of your networking guide (that is what it is for after all) and ask them to put it in a place where they will see it frequently. Then instruct them that if they meet anyone who is hiring for any of the positions listed or works for any of your target companies, regardless of the position they work in that company, then just introduce you. You may have told them what you were looking for but many of us do not remember things we just hear. Give it to them in writing. If you are not familiar with the networking guide read the article that can be found at this link: and then request a copy of the template.

b. Ask them to help you recall your prior accomplishments. Many times the people in your life can remember some of your best moments that you have forgotten. Add these accomplishments to your own list; add relevant ones to your résumé and review them all before you go into the interview so you can answer those behavioral questions.

c. Ask them to connect to you through LinkedIn. If they are not on LinkedIn, teach them how to set up a profile and send out connection requests. Check their network for people you want to meet and have them introduce you.

One of Amazon’s hottest releases in the job hunting category is the book “Found a Job Yet? And Other Questions NOT to Ask!” It is the only book of its kind. It is not for job seekers; it is for the family and friends of those in a job search. In the first half of this easy to read book, it explains the realities of the new job market. The book goes into enough detail about what a job seeker must do today to find a job that they will understand how much more complex the search is but not so much detail that they are tempted to tell you how to do it. The second half of the book was inspired by and contains actual stories from job seekers about the best thing anyone did for them while they were in their job search, the worst thing anyone did (or said), and what they wished someone would have done. There is a special chapter just for the job search spouse. Give this book to your support team or suggest they get it. You’ll never again hear the question “Found a job yet?”

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Job seekers: You finally have a voice!

Finally you have a voice with your family and friends so they understand the realities of the new job market, what you are going through, and what they should say and do (and NOT say and do) to help you in your job search.

This just released, one-of-a-kind book “Found a Job Yet? And Other Questions NOT to Ask! The Practical Guide for Family and Friends of Those in a Job Search” will help those in your life (parents, spouse, and friends) realize how the job market has drastically changed and gives them specific do’s and don’ts that will help your job search.

The first half of the book goes over the harsh realities of the job market and the steps a job seeker has to go through these days to find a job. It does not get into the detail that a job seeker needs because their job is not to coach you in your search; it is to support and encourage you.

The second half of the book was inspired by and includes actual stores from job seekers to the questions: What is the best thing anyone did for you in your search? What is the worst? And what do you wish they had done?

The people in your life want to help; they just do not know how to or out of the best of intentions are doing and saying the wrong things which are actually hurting your job search efforts. Help them help you by suggesting this book to them.


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