Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Are you prepared for Your Job Search? Really?

Coach Wooden said “when opportunity knocks, it is too late to prepare”. Are you ready if opportunity knocked on your door? Too many job seekers are not and have to scramble at the last minute; by then it is too late.

Here is a checklist to see if you are ready. If you cannot say yes to each of these, then you have some work to do and there is no time like the present.
          1)      You have (not just faking) a positive attitude and are confident in yourself and your abilities.
          2)      You understand and accept how the new job market works. You know that:
a.       Only 10% of resumes make it passed the application tracking system keyword software
b.      Only 15% of all of the jobs that are available today are posted online (85% are hidden)
c.       A few weeks after you post your resume on job boards, the resume may not be viewed as often
           3)      You know the concise answer to why people should hire you, you do not use the same answer that everyone else gives when asked “what are your strengths?”, and you have over 50 STARs documented.
           4)      You have addressed any interpersonal or performance issues that you need to work on.
           5)      You have a resume that was crafted using a sample set of job descriptions to ensure the content is on point for the job you are pursuing and you are using the current resume format.
           6)      You have all 6 items of marketing materials developed.
           7)      You have identified up to 10 target companies and know how to use them to find the hidden jobs.
            8)      You have interview attire that fits and makes you feel confident.
            9)      You have practiced interviewing, received feedback, and made improvements.
          10)   You know what to do AFTER the interview.
          11)   You have been in a job search for a while and are getting good results.

If you were not sure about any of these items or said no, you should get busy now! Do not be one of the people who see a job posting and then realize they need to work on their resume or call the day before an interview to say they need interview help. “When opportunity knocks, it is TOO LATE to prepare”.

Contact a job coach to help you get ready BEFORE it is too late. RightChanges.biz offers affordable successful job search and career success assistance.  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NEW URL for Data.com's free backdoor

I share with job seekers how important it is to have a target company list of 5 - 10 target companies and then work to develop networks into those companies.

One of the great tools for finding target companies is Salesforce.com's Data.com site. Data.com has a free back door to access the same data that others pay to access.

As of today, the URL for that backdoor has changed; using the old URL will result in a 404 error message (web address not found). The new address is https://connect.data.com/

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Save in 2017 for Your Job Search in 2018

Save in 2017 for Your Job Search in 2018
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Statistics support why finding a job is tough:

- Only 10% of resumes make it passed application tracking keyword software. That means 90% of resumes never get through.

- Only 15% of all of the available jobs are posted online. Job seekers who are mainly applying online are only tapping into a small portion of the jobs available and most of those have already been filled.

- Recruiters and hiring managers stop seeing a resume on job boards unless the job seeker knows the insider’s trick.

The job search is not intuitive so why struggle trying to figure it out. Have a RightChanges coach partner with you so you find the job you WANT quicker.

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