Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Job Seekers: Use It Quickly – It’s Going Away May 4th

There is a database owned by named that has been incredibly helpful for the job search. Sadly, even though I have written about it before and speak about it at events, too many job seekers do not know about this resource. Well, you only have a few weeks left to use it; they are shutting it down May 4th.

What It Is is a crowdsourcing database originally used by salespeople to share company and business contacts. Since it is a crowdsourcing database, meaning normal people add to the data, they have offered a free backdoor to the same data others pay for, just without the bells and whistles. The free back door is

How It Helps in the Job Search
Since only 15% of the jobs available today are posted online, job seekers need an approach to find the other 85% of jobs currently available. If you have to work to get into a company, it might as well be one that you REALLY want to work for. This list is called your target companies.

Do not limit your target companies to the few that everyone in town knows about and targets. The lines to get into those companies are very long. There are many more companies than just those and without as much competition.

You are also not selecting a company because they have a position posted. Remember, we are using this list to find the hidden / non-posted jobs.

Having a list of target companies (no more than 10) does not limit your search. You will still be applying online for the posted jobs. You will still entertain companies pursuing you. But if you have to work to find the hidden jobs, it might as well be for a company you’d like to work for.

Your criteria for your list are uniquely yours. In Atlanta, the commute is a factor most job seekers consider.

How to Use It
1.      Go to
2.      Click Join Free
3.      You can use almost any e-mail address EXCEPT Comcast. Do not ask me why it does not work with Comcast but it doesn’t.
4.      Once you receive the confirming e-mail, you are ready to use it.
5.      Login
6.      Click Advanced next to the search box at the top.
7.      Click the tab Find Companies
8.      You can either search by zip codes, by state, or by major metro area.
By Zip code:
a.      Using a map of your town with zipcodes, identify the zipcodes that fall within the geographic area you want to work.
b.      Type the zipcodes separated by commas into Word. Having them in Word ensures you only have to type them once and can just copy and paste them into the screen should it clear out. I suggest using a string of no more than 10 zipcodes at a time.
c.       Paste the zipcodes in the appropriate box.
By State:
a.      Select United States from the list of countries
b.      The list of states will display
c.       Select the state you want
By Metro area:
1.      Click the radio button for Metro Area
2.      Click the metro area(s) of interest
9.      To narrow the selection, you can select one or more overall industries or one or more sub-industries.
10.  If you care about company size, you can select it based on revenue or number of employees.

The resulting list is prioritized by which companies have the most employees in the database; that is not who has the most employees, but who has the most employees in the database.

If you are not familiar with a company, click their web address and it will open a separate window to display their website so you can read about them without losing your list.

If you are interested in a company, you can click their name and go to their information page showing their location. It also shows, for the employees that are in the database, what level they are and what department they are in.

The goal is to identify between 5 and 10 companies to target.

Hurry up and use this invaluable tool before they shut it down. May 4th is just around the corner.

Want More Free Job Search Tools?

There are other valuable job search tips and resources on the RightChanges' blog:

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Myth Buster: This IS  a great time of the year to land a job (plus a special incentive)

Contrary to popular belief, the 4th quarter is actually one of the best times of the year to land a job. I am not referring to seasonal work (although that is true too). I am referring to career positions.
Recruiters place as many, if not more, people in the 4th quarter than any other time of the year. And search firms or recruiters only account for 11% of how people find jobs; other approaches are even more successful. There are numerous factual reasons behind this timing phenomenon but that is for another article.

The point of this blog is to be sure you are not stepping back in your job search because of the misconception that the job market is slowing down. In fact you need to power up your search to take advantage of this great time of the year. You have to be prepared and as Coach Wooden said “When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare”.
  •    Know the concise answer to how you are unique why they should hire you.
  •    Have ready to use over 70 specific stories (STARs) that illustrate your skills, abilities, and former accomplishments (past success is the best predictor of future success).
  •    Know and use your actual top strengths according to Strengths Finder (too many job seekers give the same answer as everyone else- I’m a people person, hard worker, quick study…)
  •    Know the job title you are pursuing and do not pursue more than 2 different roles (casting a wider net actually lessens your chance of success)
  •    Have a resume developed with a good format AND content based upon a broad selection of job postings for that type work. (90% of resumes do not make it passed keyword software)
  •    Know the right way to find jobs (85% are hidden, in other words not posted online)
  •   Stay active in your search (finding the job is your job so you should be active 40 hours a week)

It is hard to do the job search alone and many people do not know how to be productive and successful.

In order to encourage job seekers to take advantage of this last quarter to land a job, RightChanges is sweetening the already good bundle price for coaching.

In addition to being able to buy 3 hours of job coaching and receive the fourth hour for free, you can now buy a 5th hour for only $25. That is 5 hours for only $250. (Limit one per recipient)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Are you prepared for Your Job Search? Really?

Coach Wooden said “when opportunity knocks, it is too late to prepare”. Are you ready if opportunity knocked on your door? Too many job seekers are not and have to scramble at the last minute; by then it is too late.

Here is a checklist to see if you are ready. If you cannot say yes to each of these, then you have some work to do and there is no time like the present.
          1)      You have (not just faking) a positive attitude and are confident in yourself and your abilities.
          2)      You understand and accept how the new job market works. You know that:
a.       Only 10% of resumes make it passed the application tracking system keyword software
b.      Only 15% of all of the jobs that are available today are posted online (85% are hidden)
c.       A few weeks after you post your resume on job boards, the resume may not be viewed as often
           3)      You know the concise answer to why people should hire you, you do not use the same answer that everyone else gives when asked “what are your strengths?”, and you have over 50 STARs documented.
           4)      You have addressed any interpersonal or performance issues that you need to work on.
           5)      You have a resume that was crafted using a sample set of job descriptions to ensure the content is on point for the job you are pursuing and you are using the current resume format.
           6)      You have all 6 items of marketing materials developed.
           7)      You have identified up to 10 target companies and know how to use them to find the hidden jobs.
            8)      You have interview attire that fits and makes you feel confident.
            9)      You have practiced interviewing, received feedback, and made improvements.
          10)   You know what to do AFTER the interview.
          11)   You have been in a job search for a while and are getting good results.

If you were not sure about any of these items or said no, you should get busy now! Do not be one of the people who see a job posting and then realize they need to work on their resume or call the day before an interview to say they need interview help. “When opportunity knocks, it is TOO LATE to prepare”.

Contact a job coach to help you get ready BEFORE it is too late. offers affordable successful job search and career success assistance.