Monday, October 16, 2017

Are You Working Smart in Your Job Search?

Are You Working Smart in Your Job Search?

If you want to achieve more success in your job search, it is time to verify you are doing what is needed to find and land that opportunity. It is a matter of working smarter not necessarily harder.

As I mentioned in my last article (, the fourth quarter is a great time to look for a job.  You will want to take advantage of this time by maximizing your approach.

Here are a few questions to ask about your job search. If you answer NO to any of these, then there are changes you can make to be more successful.
  1.  Do you know and use in the interview your REAL strengths using Strengths Finder 2.0 instead of giving the answer everyone else gives (I’m a people person, organized, detail oriented, blah, blah, blah)?
  2. Have you identified and documented OVER 70 of your accomplishments and interview stories in STAR format? Are the bullets on your resume used for accomplishments and not just part of the job description?
  3.  Was your resume built using multiple job descriptions to ensure the keywords, skills, and experiences are emphasized for the job you are pursuing.
  4. Do you have a well-honed, 30-second elevator pitch that does not include the phrase “I used to…”?
  5. Do you have a job search business card so you have a professional way of sharing your contact information?
  6. Is your LinkedIn profile complete? Does it include a headshot? Have you tailored your LinkedIn URL? Do you use LinkedIn as an active tool in your search? Are you active in LinkedIn groups?
  7.  Have you identified 5 – 10 target companies that are more than just the best known companies in town.
  8. Do you have a Networking Guide (or Marketing Plan) that you distribute to people who offer to help with your job search but can’t hire you themselves?
  9. Are you using the T cover letter format to highlight what a great fit you are for the specific job posting? Do you position the cover letter in the same document as the resume so everyone that sees the resume benefits from the T cover letter?
  10. Does your job search include multiple approaches with no more than 20% of your time applying on-line and working with recruiters?
  11. Have you taken training (including on-line or self-study) since you have been in transition?
  12. Are you networking with employed people? Do you know where people in your target industry and target companies go to network?
  13. Do you repost your resume on-line every 3 weeks? Do you use industry or career specific job boards?
  14. Do you know how to have the company share the salary range and how to postpone further salary discussions until they have offered you the job?

If you answered NO to one or more of these, then get with a professional job search coach to power up your search.  It can make all of the difference in getting the results you want.

Judi Adams The Affordable and Successful Job Search Coach