Monday, April 4, 2011

Consider a Mother Resume

Good news, I’m not suggesting you reformat your resume AGAIN! This is not the latest fad format to send out as a part of your job search.

Let’s see what a Mother Resume is then. Do you have a collection of formerly used resumes that you use as a basis for your most current resume? You may pick a section from this one and another section from another. You liked the wording on a version but you deleted that section and now have to search through all the previous versions for that wording again. Well, the Mother Resume is instead the single resume from which all others are spawned.

• The Mother Resume has all previous jobs listed; it is not limited to an industry, position, or dates.

• Because there is no limit to the number of pages with this resume, you have all of the previously used wordings and accomplishments on it.
You are not sending this version out so it can be as long as you need.

• I suggest you title it Mother Resume so you keep track of its purpose and don’t delete anything from it. Mother Resumes are only to be added to or enhanced.

Then when you need wording or a previous position or accomplishment, you have it safely and centrally located in the Mother Resume. Consider creating a Mother Resume to make resume building easier.

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