Sunday, July 11, 2010

If you are transitioning industries or careers

Even in this amazingly tough job market, job seekers are successfully transitioning into new industries and new career fields. I went from being in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years to successfully launching my own job search coaching business in 2009.

For anyone transitioning from one field or industry to another I recommend the following:

1) Conduct informational interviews with people who are in the field / industry you want to pursue to find out what skills and experience they value. Also ask about the good and bad aspects of the career / industry so you really know what you are getting into. See the article on the RightChanges blog about the do and don’t of informational interviews.

2) Inventory your skills, abilities, and prior accomplishments so you can speak to how the experience you have to date positions you to be successful and help the company with their needs quickly. Use the STAR format to communicate your accomplishments.

3) Network into the new industry. Go to networking groups where employed people in that career / industry network.

4) Many industries and careers are going through changes. Join Linked In groups related to the new field so you can stay current.

5) Tell the people you know in your current field that you are considering the new career / industry; you never know who they know. A tool that will help them help you is the Marketing Plan.

6) If you are missing or are weak in a core skill, use this time to take training. There is free training available on so many subjects; you just need to be determined to find it. I recommend starting with a Google of “free training ”. Many software companies offer free tutorials, on-line demonstrations, even a trial copy of their software.

Take this moment in your life to determine your passion and purpose and to identify who is hiring and where you want to work. You may end up being grateful for this period of transition.

Judi Adams


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  1. I`m in the midst of a career change, thx 4 this. Very helpful insights on the transition.