Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News! The good news is that there are millions of available jobs out there.

This is an unprecedented job market. To find and land your job, you need to know the right way to conduct a search. If the first step you took in your search was to update your resume, you missed a few steps and are sabotaging your own job search efforts.
  • Attitude: Process the loss, accept the change, and have a good attitude. You can’t fake it
  • Competitive Edge: Know the right job for you and what makes you better than your competition
  • Market Plan: Know who is hiring and where you want to work
  • Marketing Materials: Develop your marketing materials; there is more to it than just a resume
  • The Method: Network into your target companies. On-line job boards (ex. Monster.com) have only 15% of the available jobs and only 10% of job seekers find their jobs through the job boards. Seventy-five percent of job seekers successfully find a job through networking and it is through networking that you will tap into the other 85% of the available jobs
  • Next Steps: Your next job will not be your last; you will be on the job market again. Take this chance to learn the right way to conduct a search and know what to do once you are employed

Be sure to check out the books listed below. These are great resources for the various stages of the search.

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