Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Tool to Locate Companies, Get Employee Names and Titles

There is a free tool that will allow you to look up companies by zip code or by geographic area, by industry and by other criteria such as company size. This is a tool sales people use to find leads and job seekers can use to find target companies, the names of people who work in those companies, and their job titles. You can also use it to get their direct phone number and e-mail although I don’t suggest using that approach (a better alternate is suggested below).

The tool I am talking about is www.data.com. The free version is “Connect” which offers all of the same content as the paid subscription except the bells and whistles.

Get a login and password. Then click Companies, then Find Companies.

Selection Criteria

You can look up a single company (URL works the best versus name or stock symbol).

You can look up multiple companies by a string of zip codes separated by commas (I have gotten up to 15 – it may take more. I suggest pasting the string of zip codes into Word so you can copy and paste should you need the list again).

You can look up by country (more than US), by state, or metro area.

You can filter by industry and sub industries. The industries are not clearly defined in my opinion. If you don’t know what industry something is classified, look up a company in that industry and see how they are classified.

I usually use a broader selection criteria and then narrow it down from there.

List of Companies

You will get a list of companies that are in the database that match that criteria.

The number by each company is how many employees for that company are in the data.com database.

If you click the company name you will go to their record.

Company Page

The key information for that company is displayed. You can click on the company URL and their web site will open in another window.

The person who updated the record and the date it was last updated displays at the bottom of the record.

There is also a Location tab where you can see the various offices that are listed for this company in the database.


The number of employees is further broken down into what level they are in the organization and also by department.

When you click on the count corresponding to what you’d like to see (level, department or all), you will get a list of the employees and their job titles.

There is an option on the left with international NOT sign (circle with a line through it). If you click that option you will see the list of people including those who no longer work there. The former employees will have the NOT sign in from of them. I suggest job seekers toggle this on and off to see if there has been significant turnover in the company. That then becomes an interview questions.

For some of the current employees, there will be a phone symbol in from of their name. That indicates there is a direct dial phone number and e-mail for that person in the database.

Here is where free ends. You can get that information but it will cost you 5 points or money.

At the top of the screen you will notice you were given x points for just creating a login and password. Data.com is a crowd sourcing database (think Wikipedia), meaning people like you and me update it. In exchange for updates we get points we can use to get additional information.

What to do Instead of Cold Calling

Instead of using the points and cold calling the contact (which is not very successful), I suggest taking these names and going to LinkedIn to see who you know or who you know knows these people.

Want More Free Job Search Tools?

There are other free resources on the RightChanges' blog. Go to RightChangesJobSearchCoach.blogspot.com and read the other entries. One of the most popular blog (but not the only one) is the one about the T cover letter.

I will soon publish a checklist for job search success. I’d suggest following this blog so you get a copy of the checklist the minute it is published.

The job search can be lonely and, if you don’t know what to do to be successful, you can feel like you are pushing a string uphill or running on a hamster wheel and not getting anyplace fast. RightChanges Job Search Coach welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in your search. To get started just e-mail us at info@rightchanges.biz.

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