Monday, April 23, 2012

Affordable Personal Health Insurance Options

Whether you are self-employed, unemployed, a recent graduate and rolling off of your parents insurance, or have other circumstances where you want or need to secure your own personal health insurance, the good news is there are relatively affordable options. In fact some of these options are significantly less that paying for COBRA after leaving a company.

There are a number of commercials on TV for the personal health insurance offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. In a recent TV show of the consumer advocate Clark Howard, Clark mentioned going to and Kaiser to check out the personal health insurance options there. I was VERY surprised that Clark did not mention the source I use – COSTCO.

Yes, COSTCO is now offering personal health insurance leveraging their group buying power. And the insurance is not a fly by night organization – it’s Aetna®. The plan I have offers dental, medical, and vision for a very reasonable monthly price.

Some skeptical job seekers have asked me if COSTCO covers pre-existing conditions, or wonder what the cost is for a family of four. The answer is simple – go on-line or call them and ask. Get the facts.

Their web site is

I do not get any form of reimbursement or compensation for sharing this information. When I find a good deal though I like to share it especially when it makes more sense than paying the high cost of COBRA or going without health coverage.

By Judi Adams
The Affordable and Successful Job Search Coach

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  1. Another option: It's not an insurance company, but a health care co-op.

    My husband (freelance photographer) and I (job seeking), both in our 50s, contribute $150/month, each. So far, we have been very pleased.